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Emotional Acupuncture


Nothing drives us more than emotion. Emotions come from how we perceive and think about things and people. We identify them as fear, anger, sadness, joy, etc. They can stop us from healing, moving forward or feeling powerful. The body may also experience these emotions as physical pain; numbness, tightness, fatigue, hollowness, heat, cold – to name a few. When the connection between body and mind result in a physical imbalance or aggravate the condition – this is referred to as psychosomatic.

I specialize in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders using special acupuncture and massage techniques. 

This type of acupuncture is focused on the personal and emotional side of us. We all have our issues and we all need a little help at some point in our lives. Some may even "know" what they want and how to help themselves but have difficulties "doing" it.  Others just want to change but do not know how. Some are tired of old feelings and burdens and some want to realize their dreams. Sound familiar? Then this treatment is right for you.


Respect and discretion is of utmost priority.


My Specializations

Traditional Chinese Medicine is helpful for many issues (for a complete list click here).  Below are just a few of the patterns I seem to see and treat more often.

If you do not see your issue here, please feel free to contact me!

  • Pain Management

  • Migraines

  • Children

  • Emotional Imbalances

  • Anxiety / Stress / Tension

  • Depression / Anger / Fear

  • Addiction / Disorders

  • Digestive Issues

  • Allergy Elimination / NAET

Pain Management



Emotional Imbalances



Depression /Anger/Fear

Allergy Elimination/ NAET

Digestive Issues


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