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About Ursula Abel Merz

Originally from the United States, I completed my TCM and psychosomatic education in Denver, Colorado.  In 2003 I moved to Germany and worked in a Naturopath practice which combined eastern and western modalities and treated many different cases in combination with western medicine. A truly fantastic and educational experience.  12 years ago when I moved to Ennetbürgen, Switzerland I was required to complete a 3-year program in western medicine at the Heilpraktikerschule in Luzern.

I have intermittently been in private practice since 2002.  Most recently I have been recognized by the Swiss Red Cross as a Naturopathic practitioner with Advanced Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training in discipline Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Being outside and enjoying the mountains and lakes with my family fulfil me while yoga, meditation and music balance me. 

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  • Tui Na Massage Program 2019-2020 

HPS Luzern, CH

  • Continuing Education/ Seminars 2003-2020

Migraine, mental and emotional pain, anxiety and depression, ethics, obesity, diagnosis, treatment, gynaecology, drug and herb interaction, skeletal issues, digestion, treatment of children with TCM, treating emotional issues with herbs, fertility, psychosomatic issues, massage and bodywork

  • Western Medicine Education 2011-2014

HPS Luzern, CH

  • Naturopath M. Eisert Practice 2003-2008

Aschaffenburg, DE

  • 5 Element Acupuncture Internship 2001-2003

Jade Woman Ent. Denver, CO

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Program 1998-2001

CSTCM, Denver, CO

  • Masters Degree German, University of Wisconsin 1993

  • Bachelors Degrees English and German, Albright College, Pennsylvania ​ 1993


  • Since 2001 NCCAOM National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine HPS Luzern, CH

  • Since 2001  Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies

  • Since 2011 SBO-TCM  A-Member

  • Since 2012 EMR/ ErfahrungsMedizinischesRegister

  • Since 2020 Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz/ Naturopathic practitioner with Advanced Federal Diploma of Professional Education

  • Since 2020 Schweizerische Stiftung für Komplementärmedizin 



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